About the Comic

Bicycle Boy is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure comic by Jackarais.

Our protagonist--a cyborg who calls himself 'Poet'--cannot recall anything before the day he woke up in the middle of the desert, surrounded by corpses.

With no memories, no purpose and no idea what the hell is going on, he sets out to find answers.

This comic contains graphic imagery.

This includes punching, bloodshed, gore, murder, more punching, colourful language, sexual themes, and plenty of other things that might make you uncomfortable. Enjoy.

If you don't like using the PREV & NEXT buttons, you can click the actual comic image to navigate to the next one. And if moving your cursor to hover over the image is too much work in itself, you can even use the arrow keys.

Minimum effort, maximum comic enjoyment.

Bicycle Boy updates once a week on Fridays.

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About the Artist

Jackarais is a queer, Canadian comic artist that draws, explores, and really likes dogs. Bicycle Boy began as a 51k NanoWriMo novel in 2010 and is the main project siphoning Jack's precious life energy to this day.

You can contact me through Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantART or send an email to keiva_som_ko [at] hotmail [dot] com .

Other work

Desert Birds [2021] - One man pursues another across a haunted desert. Coming soon. - writ by Forrest, drawn by me

Old Souls [2020] - A horror story about trees and holes. 64pgs

Wavemen [2017-present] - Gritty supernatural drama set in Heian Japan. 149pgs - writ by Mokopress, drawn by me

Red Light [2019] - A short comic about a missing suitcase. 6pgs - writ by Forrest, drawn by me

Line of Action [2014] - Dudes punch each other with line weight. 16pgs

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