Posted August 19, 2016 at 6:12 pm

It's like 31 degrees C here and I am dying. It's too hot out for my computer to function during peak hours of the day. I'm gonna turn into a pot roast.

Who wants to name these bandits for me? So far everyone besides Slutman just has a placeholder name like... the ones on this page are 'Big Vest Guy', 'Gasmask Girl', 'Hood Girl', and 'Afro Girl' respectively. You guys have always made up better names than me in the past. Without y'all, very important background filler characters like Jeb, Marley, Skinner, Jabbs, Cassie & Joan would have no names. uwu

Thanks to everyone who voted in the favourite character poll!! :) I'll hold another one when more of the cast is introduced. 

Machk wins with 61 votes. Then Poet with 60, then Darla with 13, then Stonehenge with 11. No one else got enough love to deserve a mention. Golly.

I'll have a sketch of our sweet, sweet winner up soon.

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