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Posted September 9, 2016 at 6:17 pm


EDIT 9/26/2020: Changed the linked file to an actual big size so you can see it better!

THIS IS MY FIRST EVER DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD, I TRIED. It was fun but also horrible because it took twice as long to draw. Bullshitty fight colors r fun too.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments lately, I'm very bad with words, so I don't know what to say, but I appreciate the heck outta y'all. I read every comment at least twice. Thanks for reading! :')

My Patreon for Bicycle Boy reached it’s first milestone ($100) thanks to my newest delightful patrons: TOHERRYS and BOO RIDER. ;__; THANK YOU! there are no words.

BUT THERE WILL BE PUNCHES. For my first milestone I promised to beat the shit out of one of my characters EVERY MONTH. That is to say I will draw a picture of them bloodied and bruised. But before I do that, I need you all to tell me WHO I should kick the snot out of.

Vote below for who you hate the most. Or who you like but also like to see bleed. Thank you.

[voting period is over.]

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