Posted July 21, 2017 at 7:07 pm

EDIT: Sorry for the delay, you guys! I have a dear friend visiting me from America, and I lost track of time because of friendship and good vibes. You may direct all complaints to my friend in question, BLOOMBEARD. The next page will be up next Friday!

All rested up (more or less), our guys head off to the infirmary. 

Since Machk has helped a lot of people find their way to LSC, and he's in a senior position for search-and-rescue jobs, he's fairly well known. A good portion of the people that live here know his name...and so do some of the nomads that live outside the walls. I'm sure you may have NOTICED.

He's also one of those dudes that can't pass up an opportunity to say hi to a baby.

In other news, it seems that disqus decided to start putting ads on webcomic sites like they promised, just at a later date than they said they would. I don't see any here yet but I've seen them on other sites--and they are bad. Stupid clickbait ads like "you wouldn't believe these 10 celebrities are gay" or whatever. Who gives a fuck? If disqus puts ads on my website I will have to remove it. Money-grabbing, spammy bullshit has no place here. I really don't want to take it off, though...you've all said such beautiful things. If it comes to that, you're all welcome to use the comicfury commenting system, as it doesn't require any login credentials to use.

Anyway, I hope that doesn't happen.

Much love,

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