Posted May 12, 2017 at 6:55 pm

I...don't want to look at another building again.

This page was recolored by the lovely UMBRULLA because I wasn't very happy with the colors I chose. 

I apologize that the top speech bubbles are pretty vague... I experimented with giving them tails and putting little portraits inside the bubbles for clarity, but the tails got in the way/were confusing and the portraits were tacky. I figured its most important that we see what was said. If you're still confused, the first bubble is Poet speaking, and the other two are Machk.

There's lots of cameos on this page! I have a huge 46-person list of them that I plan to throw into the comic at some point or other. See if you can recognize any! Listed below are the ones that belong to these gorgeous artists:

 Harley & Django
MADAM UTZSAR'S Logan & Riley

It is also my birthday on the 18th. :'> I'm happy. 

Unrelated, my generous patrons get to see these pages nearly twice the size! IF YOU WANT TO JOIN IN, the larger pages are there for everyone that pledges $1 or more per month. Only Chapter 5 is being posted scaled up so far. And if you're happy reading the comic for free, that's just as awesome. I appreciate the heck outta all of you.

Keep on rockin'

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