Posted May 21, 2021 at 3:00 am

Hey...maybe...save this argument for later, when you aren't standing out in an open warzone? Guys?

Unrelated, I have another webcomic recc for you! This one's been recommended to me tons of times, but I only just got around to reading it this week.

The Pale is about a grumpy sheriff and an FBI agent with face blindness who begrudgingly team up to solve a murder. It takes place in a small town in the Arizona desert, and I can't stress enough how beautifully that desert is drawn. Puts mine to shame, really! And the writing is top notch--it's extremely punchy and well-paced, and it dangles the mysteries' clues over your head in such a way that keeps you hooked. There's 240+ delicious black and white pages waiting in the archive. I admit I ate them up all in one afternoon.



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