Posted October 1, 2021 at 1:00 am

Big shoutout to my wonderful partner Umbrulla, who drew the horses on this page! :-) I couldn't have done it otherwise.

Also, I have another webcomic recc for you!

Arbalest is a spooky tale about a secluded, cursed village in the middle of a harsh winter. It follows Haelu, a monster born of the long dark, who's purpose is to bring back the sun so that winter may end. She seems to be just as oblivious to this as the reader, and together we learn what horrible plans the town has in store for making sure she fulfills her birthright.

The artwork is painterly and gorgeous, the story prickles under your skin, the setting sinks in its claws and sends shivers down your spine. If a comic about sacred monsters and body horror sounds like your thing, you definitely gotta check this one out.

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