Posted August 26, 2022 at 12:12 am

The soldiers come to inspect their (new) prize. A quick refresher:

Last chapter, our heroes were in the midst of a dangerous journey to Fort Anne - the city where Poet's supposed creator, Elba Cortez Maxima, resides. The guy juuust wants to figure out why he's a cyborg (and maybe get revenge for limbs lost) but Fort Anne and its ever-expanding, scorched black territory is rigidly controlled under a hostile military and their leader, The Senator.

Machk and Poet separated with a very wounded Darla after a scuffle with soldiers. Last we saw, they were apprehended. And so, here we are!

Oh and the guy grabbing Machk's hair and the guy stepping on Poet are two of the mooks who were traveling with Mary.

thanks for reading

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