HIATUS WEEK 1: Ten Earth Shattering Blows
Posted July 22, 2022 at 1:00 am

☆.:*[ Click here to read TEN EARTH SHATTERING BLOWS! ]*:.

Hello, dear readers.

For this 1-month hiatus, every week I would like to tell you about one of my favourite webcomics, so that you have something delicious to tide you over while you wait for BB’s return. That, and because I need an excuse to tell everyone about these stories. Webcomics thrive on word of mouth more than anything, especially with how corporatized and algorithmfucked the modern internet is. 

I encourage you to tell me about your comic, or a comic you enjoy, in the comments below!

Now! On to Ten Earth Shattering Blows by Nuclearpasta. If you haven’t heard of this one yet, how are you reading Bicycle Boy!? Do you love scantily clad bandits? Do you appreciate a good crotch shot? Are you hungry for a bushel of batshit desert insanity, chock full of BIG MUSCLES, wacky enemies, and bombastic fight scenes? Look no further. This one’s got giant lizards.

TESB is a violent fantasy roadtrip (lizard…trip?) about a brutal warrior woman named Joy, and a displaced princess named Lady Landabella Trastan who sometimes has demons crawl out of her face. No big deal. Joy kidnaps her for her own means, but is pursued across the desert by a whole cavalry brigade of bandits on big lizards, small lizards, blue lizards, green lizards, and wooden-wheeled-thingamajigs and catapults and good god, it’s just a hot mess. Chapter three was – no joke – a massive, nonstop, bewildering, stupidly cool fight scene. It was 100 pages long. You really gotta see it for yourself.

But there are other things, strange things, lurking in the desert, too – like a teleporting magician who appears to be shaved down into a something right out of a Gunther Von Hagens' Body Worlds exhibit (from this very famous page). There was also a very tall, very bendy man? And one time Landa got covered with entire bucket of beetles that are also drugs.

Just what the hell is going on here? Who, or what, put the face-curse on Landa? How many dudes is Joy going to clobber to death? Only one way to find out.

Nuclearpasta is a very technical artist with a knack for drawing just about anything, but he is a master at drawing the human body. The characters climb up ladders and hack each other to bits and get flung off high places (lizards) at such extreme, foreshortened angles, and not a limb looks to be out of place. As someone who struggles with this, I am in awe at every pose. The comic's environments are enormous and sprawling, leaving you feeling like a dust mote in a vast universe. It is truly a feast for the eyes.

If you like Mad Max: Fury Road, DUNE, or Conan the Barbarian, you’re gonna love this one.

What’s more, Nuclearpasta is now in the midst of an explosively successful kickstarter to print Ten Earth Shattering Blows’ first book! I got my copy, you should get one too. :D 

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The kickstarter for BB’s first print book ended last week on July 17th, and we raised over $12,000! I realize some folks might not really bat an eye at that amount but it’s unbelievable money to my poor ass. ._.; It went better than I could have ever hoped for. Big thank you to everyone who helped get this story off the screen and on paper FINALLY after all these years! I can’t fucking wait to get these books out to you holy FUCK.

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