HIATUS WEEK 2: Ghost Junk Sickness
Posted July 29, 2022 at 1:15 am

☆.:*[ Click here to read GHOST JUNK SICKNESS! ]*:.

This beautiful piece is a rework of one of the first GJS illustrations!

It’s hiatus: Week 2, and time to tell you about another gorgeous webcomic. This one’s called Ghost Junk Sickness. While the Ghost is a fashionable shapeshifting menace featured heavily in this epic tale, there doesn’t appear to be any Junk Sickness. Unless... here's looking at you, Boggmouth!

Created by Studio CARTRIDGE, a team of sisters named Krispy & Space, who are based out of Ontario, Canada -this story follows a pair of interstellar bounty hunters with a troublesome relationship, while the spectre of the “Ghost” haunts them in the background. They, like many unfortunates before them, are drawn to the hefty bounty, as the elusive Ghost is worth a whopping 600,000 triens! Life changing cash for Trigger & Vahn.

Trigger is, as his name suggests, a grumbly, gun-toting hardass, and he travels across the universe in search of sweet, sweet cash with his soft-spoken friend, Vahn Gavotte. Vahn is a more upbeat, feminine sort who is trying desperately to look on the bright side. They have some crazy markings nobody understands, and their tiny frame can easily brace a colossal energy gun that they use to destroy their foes. Curious, indeed.

Mecha battles, planet apocalypses, kidnappings, big ol’ lizards, a corrupt interstellar military, leg-lobbings, murder, and more– Ghost Junk Sickness will throw you through a tonal loop, and it's so much fun. Some parts of it feel like a “monster of the week” type of format, where each chapter is a self-contained episode. This storytelling style graciously shows us a window into all aspects of CARTRIDGE's universe, peering into the lives of friend and foe, bitter and sweet. Every member of the huge cast gets their time to shine.

GJS is a black and white behemoth, spanning 7 years of updates. It has 18 chapters and 1000+ pages that will keep you satisfied for weeks of binge time. At least, that’s how long it took me to read it, and I was devouring the damn thing. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, confident, and intensely emotional.

Read it for Fiachra. She is mean and big and strong and powerful and oh dear I may be biased.

If you like Hunter X Hunter’s massive, sprawling universe, Vash the Stampede’s mysterious superpowers from Trigun, and all the space-faring adventure of Cowboy Bebop, you’ll love Ghost Junk Sickness.

Krispy also helped put together the wonderful Webcomic Resources blog, which, as the name suggests, is invaluable if you are a comic creator. It is full of useful information I reference often. She is also part of the team for the Webcomic-centric podcast SCREEN TONES.

Are there any sci-fi comics, movies or games you enjoy? Let us know below.

Be sure to check back next week for another webcomic review.

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In other news, my pal regentzilla and I made a short comic called DEAD GUYS for webtoon's Call To Action contest! ^^ He reused some very old characters of his and wrote the script/did flats, and I drew the thing. We made it just for shits and giggles more than anything. I hope it gives you something else fun to read while you wait for BB's return!

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